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Loci Environment & Place
is a non profit change agent supporting practitioners
to deliver
regenerative environments for all communities





Evaluation of Past Events

Biodiversity and Urban Planning

This course covered relevant vegetation protection requirements within planning schemes and introduces important strategic concepts and processes for protecting our flora and fauna.  The event was held in partnership with  PIA (Vic).

See our 2020 and 2019 evaluation results.

Green Infrastructure & Urban Planning

This training event rates very highly and explores the way green infrastructure can fit together via urban planning to maximise environment, health and liveability benefits.  The event is held in partnership with PIA (Vic).

See our 20202019, 2018 and  2017 evaluation results

Sustainable Transport for our Cities 

This very highly rated course brings urban planning together with sustainable transport planning to work through the strategic, environmental, emerging technology and cycling issues that are often missed in our planning and design work. The event was held in partnership with PIA (Vic).

See our 2019 evaluation results.

Sustainability Provisions in the Planning Scheme

This annual training session helps urban and environmental planners to learn how the work of different 'disciplines' can best fit together to deliver environmental outcomes of private land. The event is held in partnership with  Planning Institute of Australia (Vic) and received great feedback results.

See our 20202019, 2018 and 2017 evaluation results .

'Emerging Issues in Urban Planning' 

These seminars are a great way for practitioners to learn about new research and steps that we can all take to improve urban sustainability and liveability.  The event was held in partnership with  PIA (Vic).

See our 2017 evaluation results and 2018 results.

Pilot Better Best Practice
Environment & Place Masterclass

This 2017 masterclass was designed to help city practitioners understand the importance and techniques for writing project briefs that support best possibilities. 

See our evaluation results here.





Student Design Competition
Seminar Series

Our Future Cities 2018 Student Design competition bought together 50 undergraduates students to apply innovative multi-disciplinary design solutions.  This has been supported by a seminar series greatly valued by the students.

See our evaluation results here.