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Second Entrance Program

We need more homes in our cities to accommodate our growing population. There are a suite of solutions for this city problem, and we think the Second Entrance Program should be added to the mix.

Is it time to introduce the 'dual key solution' as the norm for housing in our cities?

This way we make better use of our existing and future housing stock, or if you prefer, the second entrance can support the growing trend of working from home.

Dual KeyDual Key

New Buildings: Lets require that all houses are designed with the option for others to live or work separately in part of the house.  

This 'dwelling in a dwelling' or 'dual key' solution can be used whenever the house owner would like to accommodate adult children, ageing family, or simply rent it out to generate additional rental income.

The design elements needed include: a second separate outdoor access door, a 'kitchen in a cupboard', and a 'toilet shower hub'.  

We can support this in new buildings by allocating points in sustainable building rating tools. 

Existing Buildings: And lets use this as a large private/public infrastructure project by running a Second Entrance retrofit program. This can become the new home improvement trend!  

Job creation rebates for first roll-out will help industry to develop products like modular kitchen cupboards, State Government regulations can be adjusted to support this new housing solution, and Local Government can link up to run bulk purchase programs to help make it easier for the community to take up this option.  


And here is another Loci idea for space sharing in cities

Sharing our lands and buildings

With our cities experiencing rapid population growth, its time to make much better use of our idle assets.