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Loci Environment & Place
is a non profit change agent supporting practitioners
to deliver
regenerative environments for all communities





Second Entrances

Have you ever wondered...

Why large houses can't easily include adaptable internal 'granny flats' for the old, or young, or for tenants?

Your Ideas

Loci is able to support great project ideas arising from consulting firms, research centres and local government.  

As a non-profit organisation
we can often help with grant applications.  
Does your idea match our charter?


Sharing our lands and buildings

Have you ever wondered...

With our cities experiencing rapid population growth, that it might be time to make much better use of our idle assets?


Soils for Cities

Have you ever wondered...

Why we don't value urban soils when they hold the nutrients, food, pollution removal, biodiversity and structural basis critical for healthy cites, people and environment?