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The Loci Collective          

Loci partnering with Government


Loci currently provides quick, trusted & affordable peer reviews of project briefs for Local Government


Loci recently partnered a Community Housing Provider to assess the climate risks of its 2000 houses


Loci recently partnered with DELWP to develop new Better Best Practice Notes that are freely available for everyone to use 

The Loci Collective serves as Loci's advisory service for government, business and community.  


Loci facilitates The Loci Collective - a pool of progressive subconsultants sharing specialist sustainability knowledge.

Contact us for a quote or to find out how we can bid for your project using the specialists that best suit your needs.  

For potential subconsultants who would like to join The Loci Collective please click here to find out more.



Green Infrastructure

Open Space

Urban Forests

Urban Ecology

Urban Soils

Urban Agriculture


Climate Change

Urban Connection to Country

Sustainable Transport

Air Pollution

Sharing Cities

Planetary Limits

Sustainable Design


Urban Planning


Practice Change and Engagement