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Loci Environment & Place
is a non profit change agent supporting practitioners
to deliver
regenerative environments for all communities





Better Best Practice 

Loci exists to help all of us strive for best possibilities for our environment.  

We hope these free Better Best Practice Notes will help you as much as they have helped us .


Loci has signed the Climate Emergency Declaration and applies these guiding principles for Better Best Practice:

  • Every Loci event will include climate emergency messaging to inspire all practitioners to do more
  • Every Loci project will include climate change advice designed to help mobilise action 
  • Every practitioner will be helped to do more within their own roles to fight climate change. There is a lot we can do that we’re not yet maximising.

Loci also provides consultancy services.  We do this a little differently though. 
Contact us on 0412 835 031 or to find out how this works.